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I found these #smiles in the office today! #Graduation @smile__epidemic #30daysofhappiness #30smiles not sure whose they are…@cutegecko @picturedaybooth (Taken with Instagram at Industry Corporation)

DAY 30!

@IndustryCorp has completed their #30daysofhappiness! We celebrated with The Smile Epidemic and friends at our graduation where we passed the epidemic to a very deserving group of people - @CuteGecko. Look for their smiles on Facebook and the blog as they complete their own team challenge!

We felt honoured and ECSTATIC to have not only completed this incredibly inspiring epidemic but to have also been the first organization to have adopted the challenge in the workplace!

Check out the Smile Epidemic’s interview on @PROVINCEWIDE tomorrow evening (Sunday at 6:30PM) on CTV (we’ll be featured too!).